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Hello, purple here *salutes*, 
and I just wanted to announce that we are not dead! Although it may seem that way! Me and Carols have been incredibly busy .... me being stuck in the hospital from not waking up from that last release  :P (didn't actually go to a hospital) , Me and Carols have been hard at work teaching people on various positions, mainly cleaning ;) I’m sure you understand how much time it takes to train cleaners from scratch. 

So i'm assuming many of you are probably wondering:


The answer to that question is next Wednesday :) and if it isn't release by 12 on the Lila Wolves clock you may shoot me T_T.  (Steel rose and KKH will most definitely be in there.)
A little bit of status on some of the projects that people have been waiting anxiously for:
PAL we have finally finished cleaning the entire volume 4 *tears of joy* Please thank carols for her hard work there!
As for FTAK I'm not sure about the next release, some things came up that is forcing us to delay the release, but it's getting there slowly.

Some Different Announcements.
I wanted to save these announcements for when I made a release but that's not happening right now soooo I thought to do it here.

First I would like to say a huge thanks to two people who donated money to us! We used that money to buy raws and for the record, all donated money will be put to buying raws.)
The following two people made this possible
First round of applause goes to Tamera
The second round of applause goes to someone that wished to remain anonymous. So we shall name her Anonymous-san 

With that money we bought the volumes for the following projects:
Makamisam no Iutoori! (volumes 1, 2, 3)
Kimi ja Nakya Dame Nanda (2,3,4,5,6,7)

My second thanks goes to our two LW scanners Icarusbride and Showithsexypants. Who are currently hard at work scanning them. 

Thirdly I would like to thank all the people that have decided to join our pack. 
Some of the new people that I would like to give a round of applause to is:
Noriko Lily

With more on their way to joining :)

Now for recruitment!
If you are interested please contact me at
We are currently looking for all kinds of translators, Korean Japanese and Chinese.
Variations of this position that contain less work than actually translating are
Japanese SFX translators
Japanese proofreaders

We also have a list of projects that we want to work on but can’t because we don’t have enough translators! So if your interested please email me!

So that's it for now people, please be patient! (so close to finishing some projects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*excited face* Gooooooooo Full house and PAL :D)


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  1. Kuchiha says:

    *bows* Thanks

    And Donators I thank you I now know of your existence

    (just wonderful how you all care for the little people who enjoy their leech reads thru the day)


  2. Thank you honorable donator-sans! And to all LW staffs!

  3. bibby says:

    Thanks to one and all!!!!!!!

  4. Emarald says:

    Thank you Tamera and Anonymous!!!!!

  5. Oh and bibby the next chapters for full house <3

  6. bibby says:

    Hey Purple mittins thank you so much!!!!! I was going into Full House withdraws from not reading it. I have been going back and reading old chapters. Its the weekend so I'm going to start over at the beginning and read the whole thing over. One more THANKS you are the BEST!!!!

  7. I feel like telling you a secret.
    Although i refuse to tell it on here. So you'll have to visit the chatting area *evil laughs*

  8. bibby says:

    hey it kind of worries me when you say everyone is getting so emotional. Cause that means hard times for the main couple. haha!!!!! Should I even be laughing I like it when they are getting along.

  9. Lol so glad I deleted the spoilers when I was talking with Ica and Carols O_O and woman what happened to talking on the chatting area I don't see you talking missy :P

  10. bibby says:

    Hey Purple mittins sorry I missed what you wanted to show. I was away for the the computer for awhile. About the chat board I do read it but never been one to chat I type to slow so please don't be mad at me. Looking forward to the releases!!!!! Still suffering from Full House withdrawal ha ha!!!

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