Hello? *taps mike* HELLO?!?! Good everyone can hear us (we hope). So if you've come to this page, you are in for a history lesson about Lila Wolves Scanlations! 

LW was humbly created on February 1, 2011 by five members with the intention of sharing manga with the entire world. When we started out, we had a difficult time choosing a name for our group, so each of us went around and shared our favorite numbers, colors, animals, and seasons. My (Ghost's) answers were 13, purple, wolf, and winter, respectively. We ended up choosing Purple Wolf as the combination for our scanlation name, and then editing it to Purple Wolves to signify how we are a family and united as a pack. After some time, the word "Purple" was dropped from our name and replaced with "Lila" (Swedish for the color purple), because we wanted to symbolize how we have different people from all around the world in our pack. And so, Lila Wolves was born!

Now, nearly five years later, LW has expanded to ten staff members and almost ten thousand followers. This is all because of your help, whether it be by joining our team or simply sharing and enjoying our works. Thank you!

Alice & Ghost 

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