Posted by : Purple mittins Saturday, January 1, 2011

Author: Ashihara Hinako
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Sports
Volumes: 3 completed

Ootome Hime’s father was a jockey who dreamed of winning the Japanese Derby. One year, when Hime went to watch him race in the Derby, he died in a horrible racing accident. The man responsible retired in guilt from being a jockey.
10 years later, Hime is in high school, and she has heard that Arakawa Jin, the son of the man who killed her father, is debuting in the Derby as a jockey. She went to see him race, and was outraged to see him win! Now Hime has decided to quit high school and go to a special school for jockeys, in hopes of being able to beat Jin in a race one day. She has met a new friend and aspiring jockey along the way, a boy called Tadano Ryouhei, but she can’t let him stand in the way of her revenge!

Volume 1
Chapter 1: Download Here!
Chapter 2: Download Here!
Chapter 3: Download Here!
Chapter 4: Download Here!
Chapter 5: Download Here!

Volume 2
Chapter 6: Download Here!
Chapter 7: Download Here!
Chapter 8: Coming in a few weeks
Chapter 9: Coming in a few weeks
Chapter 10: Coming in a few weeks

Volume 3
Chapter 11: Coming in a few weeks
Chapter 12: Coming in a few weeks
Chapter 13: Coming in a few weeks
Chapter 14: Coming in a few weeks

6 Responses so far.

  1. Apple says:

    Woow..i didn't except this manga to be so interesting because of the sports genre in it..but i'm glad i read it..

  2. Seraja says:

    thank you so much! It is something diferent! Hopefully you don't have to translate to many jockey sport related words... :-)

  3. AiMiao says:

    really love it! can't wait to see more! ^^

  4. Juliei says:

    Can't wait to see more! Maybe I can help?

  5. I would love help! apply please!

  6. Juliei says:

    hope to read more in next weeks :)

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