Posted by : Purple mittins Saturday, January 1, 2011

Author: Keum Bo Ri
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Shoujo, Romance
When a Korean Translator Comes we will give more of a synopsis.

*Side Project: Will be out when it's ready. If i have a stable Translator then this project will be promoted to Main Projects. But only if we have a translator for it.

Volume 1:
Chapter 1: Download Here!
Chapter 2: Download Here!
Chapter 3: Download Here!
Chapter 4: TBA
Chapter 5: TBA

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  1. Emarald says:

    When will you guys release this? :(

  2. When i get the translations >_< She said that when she get's back from her trip she would send me the translations for chapter 4.

  3. Big T2G says:

    I really like the series please bring more.

  4. Pardon me

    But i would like to know if this series would receive an update anytime soon? it's quite an interesting read ^w^

  5. The answer to that question is unfortunately no. But if you find a korean translator for this series to help us out, that would be great :D

  6. Eri Neko says:

    I hope you guys find a translator soon :3 Thank you for releasing the first 3 chapters though :3 Very cute story >.<!

  7. I wish I knew Korean -_- the story is soooo lovely

  8. Zihtlek says:

    It's never too late to learn! ;)

  9. Ok studying a little bit of korean next to french

  10. Zihtlek says:

    Heeh, sounds intense.
    Me myself am studying japanese, and that keeps me occupied.

  11. Is there a place to find the raw's for this? I would love to know what happens next and have a friend who knows korean.

  12. I have all the raws on my external hard drive. Send me an email, maybe we can work something out :)

  13. hello, i am korean. i can help you with the translation if you want

  14. That would be much appreciated, could you shoot me an email? It's

  15. Will this project be continue some day? this manga is so good, it's sad it was dropped :(

  16. I want to continue it, but I have no translator for it unfortunately V_V

  17. what about Jung Jennifer? Can I ask for help on mangafox? a lot of people visit that site and maybe I can found someone... TT-TT I really want to know how it ends. Could you please tell me where can I find the manga's raws?

  18. She never responded, unfortunately and I believe I have all the raws on my computer. I found them a long time ago. but you could start a thread on mangafox if you like :)

  19. Hi, could you send me the raws? I don't understand chinese or japanese, but at least I could see what happens. There are any news about this manga?
    My email:
    thank you very much

  20. Hello. I`m the same as colibri1995. To be honest I really was hoping to read this manhwa in English translation. I waited 3-4 years, but… In the end, I'd like to know the end of this story! This is such a touching story. Pleeeease, who have the raws, share it with me! I beg you! My email
    I'll be very grateful to you!!!

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.
  22. Hello~ I'm somewhat fluent in korean and I can help translate if you'd like. (i don't know many hard words, but i can always ask my friends^^)

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