Posted by : Clarus Saturday, January 1, 2011

Author: Akaishi Michiyo
Genre: Drama, Josei, Romance

Volumes: 9 - Completed
Shiho is like all the other girls in high school, except one little difference. She has a big talent for acting and acting talent is what they require you to have as Private Actress. Shiho can be anything you want her to be; sister, girlfriend or why not someone’s fiancĂ©, Shiho can act them all. This is just a normal life for Shiho but then…

***Volumes 1, 2 and 3 at the following site: Here!
***Volumes 4, 5 and 6 Chapter 20 at the following site: Here!

Volume 6:
Chapter 21: Download Here!
Chapter 22: Download Here!
Chapter 23: Download Here!

Volume 7:
Chapter 24: Download Here!
Chapter 25: Download Here!
Chapter 26: Download Here!
Chapter 27: Download Here!

Volume 8:
Chapter 28: Download Here!
Chapter 29: Download Here!
Chapter 30: Download Here!
Chapter 31: Download Here!

26 Responses so far.

  1. Miyako says:

    Thanks so much for PA :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    has there been no recent updates because there is no typesetter? =l

  3. Pretty much but i have someone on it now :)

  4. Umm, just want to ask. Shouldn't Chiomi's name actually be Tomoomi. The furagana is quite clear on that one.

  5. Thank you for all your hard work! I was just wondering if this manga would be continued? It's been a while since the last release, and there isn't that much left.

  6. MnDaiyna says:

    What a coincidence, I was wondering the same thing as the person above on the same day as well! I would really love to see this manga be completed when it is so so close to its end. It's such a shame if it isn't completed.

  7. I have a one chapter that's just in the qcering stage. but i'm having problems getting it translated right now. Please be patient. we are not dropping it!

  8. MnDaiyna says:

    As long as I know it's not going to be dropped, I don't mind the wait. =)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for PA! Will PA ever be finished though?

  10. I won't answer questions like that.

  11. Yuriko says:

    Thank you so much for PA! But why can't we download chapter 29?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Eagerly and patiently waiting for chapter 29, especially chapters 30+ (I've seen the raws!!)

  13. Anonymous says:

    are you doing volume 9?

  14. Nop the other group will be doing the sequel :)

  15. MnDaiyna says:

    Who is the joint with? It says "joint with" but doesn't say with who. Or is it something you guys want to keep under wraps right now?

  16. Anonymous says:

    It's been so long since the last chapter. So, could you please give us a status update, if that's ok?

  17. yeah i'm not sure what's happening with this series T_T

  18. JJ says:

    The last chapter's raw you were working on were with the joint group, Kiss scans that were disbanded, if I'm right. Is it the raw, no staff, staff going MAI or something else?

    I love this manga but will you guys be dropping it, then? Or will the group that's doing the last volume, be working on it instead?

  19. Anime_77 says:

    Plezz update it's so good!!!

  20. Lucy says:

    Hi! I could probably translate the remaining chapters from Chinese into English; it won't be 100% perfect, but I've read manga from Chinese sites before when I got too impatient, haha.

    if interested, please contact me at
    thank you!

  21. MnDaiyna says:

    Thanks so much for chapter 29! Unexpected development despite it being an episodic manga. I'm hoping for the best when it ends in the next two chapters =)

  22. Anonymous says:

    Thank you soooo much for PA!
    It's one of my favorite manga ever <3

  23. am? chap 31? cant we read it now?

  24. JJ says:

    Is the "done!" that's next to 'Chapter 31' a typo, because it hasn't been released yet - no blog post on your website or on MU.

  25. This is the link to chapter 31:

    Many thanks for the scanlation!

  26. Lacus28 says:

    Thank you so much for all your hardwork and dedicaion!! I see that volume 9 is listed as completed, but where can I read it? I appreciate your efforts a ton!

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