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Author: Ryan Lai
Artist: Ryan Lai
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Marital Arts, Romance, Shoujo
Volume: 7 - Completed
He is Europe's most sought after bachelor, worth over 10 billion in assets and the most handsome young master: Louis. Yet he fell in love with the Kick boxing Champion Lee Le Ting. So Louis tries all he can to get closer to her...

Volume 1
Released by mellylemon
You can find the entire volume here.

Volume 2
Chapter 13: Done by KatScans
Chapter 14: Done by KatScans
Chapter 15: Download Here!
Chapter 16: Download Here!

Volume 3
Chapter 17: Download Here!
Chapter 18: Download Here!
Chapter 19: Download Here!
Chapter 20: Download Here!

Volume 4
Chapter 21: Download Here!
Chapter 22: Download Here!
Chapter 23: Download Here!
Chapter 24: Download Here!

Volume 5
Chapter 25: Download Here!
Chapter 26: Download Here!
Chapter 27: Download Here!
Chapter 28: Download Here!

Volume 6
Chapter 29: Download Here!
Chapter 30: Download Here!
Chapter 31: Download Here!
Chapter 32: Download Here!

Volume 7
Chapter 33: Download Here!
Chapter 34: Download Here!
Chapter 35: Download Here!
Chapter 36: Download Here!

6 Responses so far.

  1. Seraja says:

    I loved INGENUO!!! An dnow I can see how the love story of Louis goes on. I alway wanted to see more of their story. And now thanls to LW I can!!! Thank you so very much!!! Hopefully I will also see how the other characters are doing ;-)

  2. im waiting for the next set of vol actually to tell u the truth whole series as i av been keeping an eye on this manhwa for a long time pls quench my thirst for this manga

  3. Lol i'm working on it :P

  4. kakei says:

    OMFG! Thanks for making this series available! You are awesome!! Any chance you'll be willing to do the manhuajia's (<- wonder if that's the correct term) other works as well?

  5. Anonymous says:

    who are the people at the very end in the last chapter?

  6. Hmmm random people, it was a wordless script.

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