Posted by : Anonymous Sunday, May 15, 2011

Uffff.... That was hard.... T_T But at least!!! HERE, OUR NEW SERIES!!!

Sheryl - Kiss in the Galaxy

Hope everyone enjoys it. A little change on our regular genres, now we have a little bit of sci-fi. Drama and love and girls just the same, but monsters and galactical ships too.

Dedicated to our Boss, aka Main Boss, Alpha Wolf, Whip Owner, Purplemittins. She is a little AFK right now, due to her school obligations. So, send your good wishes and best intentions here, the ones that are grateful of her effort.

So Purple... Fighting!

Chapter 0: Download here

NOTE: First chapter is called Stage 0, so this is Chapter 0.

^Lila Wolves^

10 Responses so far.

  1. awww love ya carols *huggles* and Amazing Chapter!

  2. I've just read this chapter and i cant express how much i "thank you" for this.
    Sheryl is my most beloved Character from all Mangas and Animes ive seen so far. And now reading a Manga with her is the greatest thing ever.
    But there is something i have to say: The Monsters name are "Vajra" and the first Song Sheryl sings is "Aimo".

    I hope u continue translating this.

  3. ❤Mae❤ says:

    WOW i love this! Thank you for the amazing manga! :D Please continue translating this :) Really thanks!

  4. i really enjoyed this manga i have the hole Macross series and this was a really nice story for the questions i had about here past :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    We already fixed those words, Katz. Thanks for the tip, any other mistake that we may have, please let us know ;)

  6. Megaroad1 says:

    Thank you so much for the effort of translating this. Really appreciate it!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for scanlating this!
    If you would want another cleaner/typesetter for this series, I'd be more than happy to help^^

  8. Anonymous says:

    I'm happy that someone is translating this.
    Here are just some things I noticed.
    Why are you translating MINMAY as AKEMI?
    Also, the correct name that Lilith and Sheryl sing is: DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE? and not Remembered Love...
    And a suggestion, when Sheryl says: Atashi no uta wo kike!, it is okay to remove the everyone....IMO, and translate is just as: HEAR MY SONG!
    Ona more thing! There are romanized versions of AIMO out there, it would be good if you use them for the next chapters whenever the song AIMO appears...
    That's all I noticed.

  9. "Sorry, we weren't able to locate that URL. Please double check your bla bla bla~~"

    Dead link??

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