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Author: TOGAWA Mitomo
Genre: Adventure, Gender Bender, Harem, Historical, Romance, Shoujo
17 Volumes Completed

From Aerandria Scans:
It’s the 16th century and the knights of the Mediterranean country Malta take pride in being the strongest in the world. Aciel is a beautiful lady-knight who gradually makes her way into the group of the knights, despite the fact it’s forbidden for women to be knights. Learn the tale of the magnificent knights whose charms neither friends nor foes can resist!

This series has been dropped.
Volume 1:
Scene 1: Download Here!
Scene 2: Download Here!
Scene 3: Download Here!

Volume 2:
Scene 4: Download Here!
Scene 5: Download Here!
Scene 6: Download Here!

Volume 3:
Scene 7: Download Here!
Scene 8: Download Here!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I relly cant wait for this one
    im so glad illl be able to read it
    thank you so much xxx yeah!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much.. =)

  3. Unknown says:

    im anxiously waiting for this manga, please keep on updating it until it is finished!!! i love it, thank you for the hard work!!!!

  4. When will the next ch be realesed? I like this manga very much!

  5. I'm not sure tbh. But we are still working on this series!

  6. Margot L says:

    Yai. Just discovered this manga. So great ! Many many many thanks. I really love it.

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