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Chapter 82: Download Here!

~Lila Wolves

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  1. bibby says:

    Thanks for the chapter!!! Just when you thought it was going to be alright for a while. This happens I hope Ryder confronts Damon this time in the house[maybe even punches him one]. Ellie is going to half to tell Damon to leave her alone! He can't take no for a answer. I got a feeling this is going to get bad. When the next chapter coming out I can't wait. I hope it can get straight ed out but I don't see how. Getting good

  2. bibby says:

    Hey purple mittins can you answer one question for me is this Damon arc coming to a head or is it in for the rest of the manga. Please answer I'm going to quit reading if you do. even if it is getting good I'm ready for a new story line.

  3. bibby says:

    sorry I meant to say I'm not going to quit reading if you answer Sorry I like this manga alot and enjoy reading it.

  4. Lol It doesn't really go past a volume, there's nothing that really happens to be honest. Between her and damon.

  5. But then again that's just me skimming through the pictures i haven't been editing them and my memory isn't the best so overall you'll just have to wait and see.

  6. bibby says:

    Good deal purple mittins I thought you would say that. Thanks you are fun to chat with.Just to let you know I'm looking forward to the next ch. and all the rest to. Have a great week!!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much:)

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