Posted by : Anonymous Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wow. Chapter 84 already! 
People, this is close to its end!!! Its less than... 40 chapters for it!!! XD 

^Lila Wolves^

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  1. bibby says:

    Thanks for the chapter!!!!!! You made my day. I guess this is setting the stage for what to come. I'm kind of hope it want be real bad and wind up just being fun. But I got a feeling its going to get bad before it gets to the hopefully happy ending in Full House 1. Thanks again for the chapter.

  2. You guys release this like 4 times a week, incredible!! Are you translating from Chinese RAWs? Do you have like 2 or 3 complete teams working on this? I can't wrap my head around your incredible fast-ness!

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