Posted by : Purple mittins Monday, August 8, 2011

Wow it's been such a long time since I have released something! 
I've been gone a while, been on vacation in Australia.
 It was pretty awesome, cuddling koala's and feeding kangaroos. 
But i gotta say that the snorkeling took the cake xD

Anyways Vacation is over for me, so now it's back to work.
So a couple things to talk about. I need people to please answer the polls
It's very important. So please use a little of your time and push yes or no for both questions. 
Please and Thank-You

For Announcements, we have finally gotten a Korean translator so expect some releases for
Little fox with a star. :)
and lastly we are in need of some cleaners. 
Even if you have no experience or no Photoshop. We can help and teach you.
So please contact us via if your interested in joining the team.

Okay so i think that's enough of me talking, here are some Full house releases :)

Chapter 89: Download Here! 

Chapter 90: Download Here!

~Lila Wolves

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  1. bibby says:

    Hey Purple mittins this was two chapter I wish didn't happen are they really going to do the big D. She knew Ryder was jealous of Damon yet she deafened him. but Ryder can't get over what he thinks is a betrayal. I hope they don't end like this and we half to see them with other people. Ellie keep fighting for Ryder. Ryder get over it ask her what happen.

  2. bibby says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  3. bibby says:

    Hey I forgot to say THANKS alot for the ch. it was good even if I didn't like how it was going I'm so sad right now!!!!

  4. Well this Friday will also be a double special :)
    and thanks Ica *huggles*
    and your Welcome :)

  5. Zihtlek says:

    Please try and refrain from spoiling. <_>

  6. bibby says:

    Hey Purple mittins sorry for being rude. Forgot to say Welcome back looks like you had a great time on your vacation. You where missed. I'm still sad about what happen in the ch. but not as bad today. You have a great day and talk to later!!

  7. Will do *salutes* and thank you, i did :)
    Goes off to work on FH

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