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Now people let me check the links first and then you can go on and take your chapters :)

Hahahah Surprised you all again! Didn't I? *heart* Well It's a special treat for all of the people that are returning to school, (or who are already in school) So this is a gift to you all from Lila Wolves! but with this gift also comes my break because as you can see this is a huge release, 12 bloody chapters! D: this vacation will be starting tomorrow...errr.... slash today since it's like 10 in the morning for me xD  So unfortunately for you FH fans no Releases for two weeks >_<  But that doesn't mean there won't be any releases. ;) Carols will get you some chapters to satisfy your thirst, Maybe some FTAK *hint hint*.
To those who I missed a chapter from, especially SR I tried my hardest to get some chapters done. but unfortunately I just didn't have the energy to edit anymore chapters So you'll just have to wait until the end of my vacation. My first release back will be some SR chapters. I guarantee it. 
As for PAL,which has had numerous fans coming to ask for it's release date. It's coming! But when you have bad raws, like in volume 3, It's hard to bring out it's best potential. So please be a little patient, because i'm the one that's cleaning it (with carols). As you can see we both have other series that we  work on and prioritize  because working on one page for 2 hours is not one of the most enjoyable things that we want to do with our time. Even though i do find it fun. So please bear with my slowness >_< For those that ask "It's been 6 months?!?!" (since the last release). So? I only started on the series in august, and I've had vacations and other things in my life to deal with.
Ohhhhhh have i mentioned that this is the 100 release post!!! or at least one of the chapters is the 100th post. I would prefer the FH chapter 100 be the special chapter but i'll leave it to your imaginations.

I would also like to introduce to you the first chapter of a new series DERBY QUEEN! A personal favorite of mine! I'm really excited to work on this one. So after we have finished some of our big series (*coughs FH, PAL, P.A.*) I shall start full blown work on both MVP and DQ. 

Chapter 1:

"Damn , another huge release." is probably what your thinking. You have been spoiled this week. Although let me remind you that i won't be releasing any chapters for 2 weeks. So don't expect any.
This is also commemorating the fact that in this huge pile of releases we have reached our 100 release for this group. It's especially special because full house was our first project ever. ...well sorta, since i brought it with me as baggage from Tinte. So I thought it would be a great memory to have full house released at the same time :)

Chapter 100: Download Here!
Chapter 101: Download Here!
Chapter 102: Download Here!
Chapter 103: Download Here!
Chapter 104: Download Here!
Chapter 105: Download Here!

So we have got two chapters for this series. that was hellish to get out. Please give a warm thanks to Ica that had to withstand all my grumpy remarks, actually you should feel bad for the people around me. Poor little tykes. These are the latest chapters to date, so this is also a project that you shouldn't expect any chapters anytime soon. 
If you want faster releases, tell the author to hurry up her drawing :P

Chapter 11: Download Here!
Chapter 12: Download Here!

I've never read this series before but today I edited the second chapter and I became a fan. It's soooo cute. And I thought it was super funny especially not having read the first chapter >_< But i won't spoil it. But i got thrown for a couple loops reading it.

Chapter 2: Download Here!

Lol Two chapters that go together. Enjoy Some acting by Shiho. :)
Lol and this one is plain weak because I hardly have any energy to write anymore.

Chapter 25: Download Here!
Chapter 26: Download Here!

 Please enjoy these releases :)

~Lila Wolves (You see four bodies sleeping on the floor, Zih is snoring (Stayed up till 9;30 in the morning JEEEZ Sleep dude), Carols is drooling (thinking of chocolate), Ica is mumbling (favorite  country song), and purple is curled into a ball. (Later on in the day purple was admitted into the hospital for not waking up) Enjoy your Chapies!)

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  1. wow you really did a great hard job
    thanks a lot for the 12 chapters
    especially KKH :D

  2. bibby says:

    Hey Purple mittins you are the best thanks alot for all the chapters. DQ looks like it maybe good I will keep reading it. As for Full House thanks alot you know how I look forward to it everyweek I may go into Full House withdraws while it not being put out, but I will read and enjoy what Carol puts outs. One more big THANKS!!!!!

  3. Otsukaresama, everybody! What an epic release :D You definitely deserve a vacation, Purple.

  4. Ariel says:

    Thank you very much!!

  5. Tuco says:

    Thanks for all the releases.

    THAAAANK YOU SOSOSOSO MUCH for this big releases!!! ALL HAILLLL!!!!
    Whadda hardwork :'o
    rest well :>

  7. orange says:

    Thank you so much for the releases & your works! Much appreciated!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    wow thank you so much for all the awesome new releases!!! Thanks for all your hard work too!!

  9. Paula says:

    yes yes. im enjoying this :))

  10. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations for your 100th release :D hope you'll have many many more releases!!! (yeah, i'm saying this for my own interest mainly...) You guys are fantastic-but what to do, i've read everything in one go...It's ok, i'll wait...:S I hope you rest enough these 2 weeks!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    thanks so much for releasing derby queen! i look forward to future releases of this project :D

  12. Your welcome! and you know what i just realized D: if you look we have 100 releases and 100 thousand visites D: How funny xD

  13. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much for all the new releases! I love KKH and the new project Derby Queen looks promising! I'm looking forward to reading it!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thank you soooo much!!! I don't know what to say so just: YOU'RE GREAT!!!!

  15. Celestine says:

    Wow thanks for the chapters! I'm so glad you did P.A along with FH!! Yay, yay, yay~ Enjoy your vacation Purple mittins!

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