Posted by : Anonymous Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You know, some people (not me) says this is the end of Heart no Daimond. 
Here you have it, read it (enjoy it?) and decide yourselves. 
After this, I want Sho's money back!! >_<  She spent some bucks of her own in THIS! How come they didnt put a warning in the cover...  "Attention: the ending may be disappointing"...? 

But as a bonus track, you have chapter 7 beautifully edited by our Evil Psycho Queen. She wanted it perfect so she made it herself. Its was a real trauma for her to see old chapter 7 published on Mangafox with our logo, when we didnt  worked on it and it was very obvious. This is her revenge >:)
Hope you enjoy it. As we did...!

Chapter 7 HQ - Download Here!
Chapter 10... The End... Download Here!

^Lila Wolves^

PS: Little after this release was done, someone came to tell us this was not the end, that a new volume with more chapters will be out in Japan on coming weeks. 
See? I was right. Listen to me next time! but for now this is the end for us, since we dont have more raws for you people. So sorry.

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  1. Emarald says:

    IT ENDED!!!

  2. bibby says:

    Hey Carola I'm with you it was a easy to tell what was going to happen. The new person being a girl took by surprise. Any way THANKS so much, I'm reading everything to try not to get Full House withdraws ha!! ha!! ha!! You have a great day!!! Purple if you see this you have a great day to.

  3. LOL your so cute bibby *huggles* although apparently this isn't the last chapter.

  4. Anonymous says:

    lol :) I like her art but even if her ending stinks =X

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