Posted by : Carola Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hello People!
I know, some other people released next chapter of Faster than a Kiss (ch 47, not even ch 46), but things are like that in this world of scanlations, we don't own the series. Some other people don't care about the continuity of chapters but only to win releases of popular series, not respecting the "rules" most of groups honor.  
BUT that doesn't means we have dropped the project. We had had many problems with translations and raws, but that won't last forever. And then, if Lila Wolves were to drop this series, I too would have to be out of LW, so only over my dead body would FTAK be dropped!.
So please be a little more patient, soon we will release chapter 46, it's almost ready. In the meanwhile, here a page I worked so much on it that I forgot to add it on the last chapter release... >_> Yea... sometimes that happens. 

So... Here.... Title page for chapter 45!!! Full color!!! 
It was so hard to edit and I forgot to add it.... T__T

^Lila Wolves^

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  1. Hey Carols, I'm glad to hear we aren't dropping FTAK :D However I think you should re-word the sentence "And then, as to Lila Wolves can drop this series I would have to be out of it too, only over my dead online body FTK would be dropped ^^." Because it makes it sound like we ARE dropping it. Maybe "And then, if Lila Wolves were to drop this series, I too would have to be out of it, so only over my dead body would FTAK be dropped!"

  2. Carola says:

    Done! Thanks Ica! you're my proofreader while Kuu is away! ;)

  3. Crysl says:

    You guys made my day!

  4. Thank you so much for not dropping FTAK. =)

  5. Thank you again for not dropping it, today there was a ch48 upload :S
    They should be ashamed for robbing others projects.

    (MissMoon from the other day :P)

  6. zzz-abc says:

    really thanks a lot for not dropping FTAK,I love how you guys provide HQ links for FTAK,not so many scanlators provide HQ links. thank you for your hardwork until now and ganbatte kudasai! *smooch*

  7. Jiannelle says:

    I'm always happy to see new chapters for Faster Than A Kiss being released, but still, I hate skipping chapters so I'll be waiting patiently for your release and not read the latest ones till then.^^

    Keep up the good work! Thanks so much for all your effort... and nice title page! you should upload it. really.^^

  8. M A K I says:

    thank god you are not going to drop it, i was thinking to go and tell that other group to just stop picking on other groups projects, you are not the only group they are doing such thing with :( ... thank you for not giving up, i'll support you with all i have , just keep it up Lila wolves <3

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