Posted by : Purple mittins Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So some releases ! 
For those SR and KKH and MNI fans. Some chapters are coming :)
Hope you like the new change to the entire blog :D

Lol Tadano, such a funny guy xD

Chapter 3: Download Here!

OMG here we go again!!!!!! Slightly not bad quality, (even worse than the other ones T_T, but there are worse out there!) 
Chapter 1: Download Here!

(Lol carols don't kill me, I needed to put a banner, so I went simple XD)
(carols: sorry guys, couldn't kill the mule, i felt pity for her. 
But someday we will make a bbq with its corpse ;) I changed the others, though)
A new series! Well not really xD I've had that up there for ages. And I've finally gotten someone to typeset it. T_T more pages to QCer for me.

Chapter 5: Download Here!

Happy reading!

~Lila Wolves

6 Responses so far.

  1. Carola says:

    T__T The fugly mule again... Im sorry guys, I can't kill it, its immortal.

  2. Draan says:

    Thank you for all your hard work and new release! ^v^

    Nice layout but little too dark as for me ^^'

    Have a nice rest of the week!

  3. Fugly mule~~~~
    I'm seriously going to work on that QC. Really... After abut a 100 more vocab words.
    Good job to everyone who worked on these chapters, otsukaresama!

  4. bibby says:

    Thanks so much!!!! for the updates loved all of them. Yall are the best!!!!! FH 2 is starting I feel hair pulling time is coming fast HA HA HA!!!! Everyone have a great day and week.

  5. Zihtlek says:

    Thanks for your comment on the layout, regarding Why we changed it. I for one, but not just me, had gotten a bit tired on the bright pink-purple site. So we decided to drop the brightness down, we'll probably do lots of changes in the future, but for now it'll look like this. Bear with us. (:

  6. ICA *tackles* TAKE THAT BACK! She is not ugly T_T *huggles banner* You guys are just jealous of her awesomeness.
    Lol and as a random tidbit the reason there's this face in the release header (-.-) is because that was my fifth time trying to publish it with a header so on my fifth try I decided to go with an annoyed look. Seems like blogger prefered -.- over <3.

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