Posted by : Purple mittins Sunday, March 11, 2012

So after we slaved *coughs* I mean worked on both these chapters.
We can finally present them to you *bright smile* I sorta delayed the Faster Than a Kiss release a little, please do not smit me FTAK fans >_< KKH is slowly being worked on, and SR is going even slower... SR is currently my kryptonite. (and for anyone that doesn't get it search SUPERMAN ;) i'm sure you'll get it now)

So for my 360 degrees, I suppose I should have maybe released it last valentines day butt you know... better late then never, no? So please enjoy this chapter:

Chapter 8: Download Here!

Almost forgot, Don't forget to thank K.i.s.s. Scanulations :)


I dont have much to add about FTK. Except look at the last page.
*purple looks at last page before releasing* Rofl > "Write nicely to purple"
I should say so :P

FTK Chapter 53 : Find it HERE

Carols ^^

8 Responses so far.

  1. Kimmie says:

    *huggles* you guys are the best. Thank you for both!

  2. Tuco says:

    Thanks for the releases.

  3. bibby says:

    Thanks for the releasees they where great!!!!! But this chapter of FTaK really pissed me off.Now she is going to go with the jerk Shouma and leave Sensei. I can't believe this, the girl needs to grow up quit running away from her problems. Sensei chased after her all the time, he protected her when she called he was there!!! Now its her turn!!! I hope Sensei beats the h out of Shouma he cares about no one but himself, I read somewhere about this that he as a brother complex with a brother like this you don't need enemies. Feel sorry for Meg I hope she goes after someone else if Fumino goes with the jerk Meg should go after Sensei see how Fumino feels then. I got to quit I'm on a rant. Sensei and Fumino get you're self back together!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Draan says:

    Awesome!! Thank you sweeties for new chapter! Like always you did great job! ^_^
    Have a nice week!

  5. Anonymous says:

    LOL Bibby!!! Im on the other team: I hope sensei looses her forever. He doesnt dares to fight over her. He completely gave up, after telling such a BIG FAT lie to her. Sure I hate Shouma too... who he thinks he is? A rival for a someone like Sensei? Shouma is proving hes not trustwhorthy nor loyal. But sensei is not better. So I hope Fumino ditches both, takes Teppei and goes to hell.

  6. N. Schist says:

    Thank you for FTaK! What an annoying chapter this was... Sensei needs to get his priorities in order and Fumino needs to make the right choices... Ugh. I'm still looking forward to the next chapter, of course. You guys did a great job~

  7. bibby says:

    You go Carola!!! LOL I still Like sensei he may have messed up this time but look at all the times he was there for her. I agree with you about Shouma he is the worst!!! a snake in the grass I could go on and on!!!!! Fumino I just don't understand she ran away before she found out WHY!!!!

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