Posted by : Purple mittins Saturday, May 5, 2012

I've gotta say carols, you really did a wonderful job on that banner *stares at picture* 

*stomach growls* 
Foood time! Peace out and enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 2: Download Here!

*zooms off*

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  1. bibby says:

    Thanks alot Purple mittins and Carols and all you worked on this. I haven't been on much been real busy with family matters. But everything is starting to settle down so maybe I can start keeping up with all of the great work!!! you do.
    Have a great dya and week everyone and THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!

  2. Celestine says:

    I have to agree cool banner! Thanks for new chapter.

  3. Carola says:

    ^^ im glad you liked it. I did what I could.

  4. Kaybee says:

    So sweet... Thanks for the hard work.

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