Posted by : Team Zica Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hello, we are back

Yes yes it has been a long break, 2 weeks without releasing it’s a shame. It is not something we planned but something that happened.
It shows that even with the best intentions not everything is possible. 
(Do not listen to people who say “if you want it bad enough everything is possible” they lie!).

So that said its time for the release.
This week the ‘punishment from god’ makes its entre, the Black Death.
And the first official order from Aciel the branch commander.
I can’t tell anything else, just go read the scene and enjoy.

Team ZiCa, Lilawolves

Read online or below

Ps, this week extra credits to Carolazzz, she did so much work, and while I was free I did spend my time on other things then UNK.

Pss, We are still and always looking for help, all that is needed are a few hours (5-10 or more hours) a week to work on scanlation. We can train the needed skills to you

5 Responses so far.

  1. taninha9 says:

    Thanks so much for the release!
    It's good to know that Aciel is even loved by animals too!

  2. yuuki says:

    wow!!! thank you so much for releasing a new chapter.. i've been waiting or this.. i thought this manga has been drop/discontinued by the scanlators.. I really love this manga I hope you continue to scan this , again thank you very much!!

  3. Carola says:

    We didnt drop this manga, just took some long time to release it again ^^

  4. Thanks for the release.
    I have a question regarding another Manga series:
    Will you continue to scanlate "Death Edge"?
    I am asking because this was a joint with Kawaii and from what I understand Kawaii stopped scanlating altogether:

  5. Carola says:

    Death Edge is not dropped yet, but if we release it any soon will depend on if we get someone to translate and some people to help with the edition. At the moment is on hold, even if Kawaii Corner is disbanded.

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