Posted by : Purple mittins Thursday, March 7, 2013

So compared to Ellie and Ryder's challenges. Which are quite massive I love Ryder in the next few chapters.

Some other news...
Baby Snow has arrived. In more ways than one...
some in the USA have snow and our Snowthief had her baby :D

 If you see this snow: Congratulations!!!!! 
When you have time give me a poke please!!!!! (purp)

Chapter 06: Download Here!

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  1. bibby says:

    THANKS FOR THE CHAPTER!! I can't believe Ellie after what happen with her and Damon in the first book. I feel sorry for Ryder it may have looked bad, but it was no worst than her spending the night with Damon even if she was passed out, and what about the lunch date just the two of them all alone for hours, and what about the castle instead of going back when it started to rain they when inside and Ellie being cold just had to let Damon hug her to warm up. Ryder caught them and jump to a wrong conclusion. Well this is FULL HOUSE. Thanks again for everything!!!!!

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