Posted by : Purple mittins Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Okay I have been having serious internet trouble T_T Which is why this is so late. I added a couple chapters to please the masses ;) But the good news is i have spider senses for when the internet comes back on! So I somehow managed to wake up in the middle of my sleep at the exact time the internet started working... weird right?

Couple announcements before I get to the releases.
Hmmm i changed my mind, we shall just upload the raws. up to volume 10 and that's it. for now unless haven hurst decides to give it to us. If not then go to that site for Kamisama Hajimemashita
So that was the first announcement, my second announcement is that Kore wa koi no Hanashi will be released sometime i'm not sure when so please be patient. 

Lol well we have hit volume 13 which means we are slowly reaching the final volume! So exciting! As for the few chapters that I have for you today, there's couple words I'd like to say about Ryder. As Hermione likes to say it, "What an idiot!" and as always i love Angelo <3. You know it's scary how many people are in love with ellie, honestly xD And wow i just noticed i did almost an entire volume O_o

Chapter 93: Download Here!
Chapter 94: Download Here!
Chapter 95: Download Here!
Chapter 96: Download Here!
Chapter 97: Download Here!
Chapter 98: Download Here!
Chapter 99: Download Here!


~Lila Wolves

13 Responses so far.

  1. Paula says:

    thx for uploading fullhouse!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    (counting one,two,threee,ffourrr, fiiive,ssixxx,se-se-seven) Oh my God!!Oh my God THANK YOU...It's like i've been starving for these weeks and now i'm being fed with ambrosia...You are the best :D

  3. Anonymous says:

    wow, so many chapters! thanks a lot!

  4. M A K says:

    thank you & take your time, guys :)

  5. bibby says:

    Thanks so much Purple mittins you made my day!!! I was going into Full House withdraws I think HA HA!!! I don't know if I agree about Ryder at lest it out in the open now I wish he was com when talk to Ellie. I love the way he handled Damon he was cool when said the game is between Ellie and me and nobody else. You are right I like Angelo. Hopefully they can work out the rest I'm sure that it going to be stressful. But at lest it is a start!!! One more thanks you are the greatness can't wait for more!!!!

  6. Jinks says:

    sweet! thanks so much!! i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw how many chapters were released, i had to do a double take. really awesome, thanks again! :)

  7. ktho2 says:

    OMG! thank you very much for these chapters!! Incredible!
    I really appreciate your hard work :)

  8. bibby says:

    HEY purple mittins I got to ask the pic. of Ellie on the bike is that the pic. in the locket. I know you will give me that evil laugh and want tell me. You will say wait and see he he he evil laugh but I had to ask. oh by the way I still think Damon is a low life!!! You have a great day and rest of the week talk to you later!!!

  9. jamie guo says:

    This is awesome! Thanks you guys/gals!

  10. Lol you got me right bibby :P my lips are sealed! *evil smiles* (see no evil laugh) awwww and poor damon he's not THAT bad. He's just in love...with a married woman.... and your welcome everyone. Even if there were typo's *mutters* sorry about that people.

  11. bibby says:

    I knew you would say that ha ha ha you have a great day!!! I'm hardheaded still think Damon is a low life. Even thou I'll still makes my day to read Full House.

  12. Awww but he's just a poor fellow in love. I feel so bad for him *pats damon's head* The poor little guppie.

  13. bibby says:

    You are just so bad Purple mittins!!! I wish Ryder had patting him on the head with the sword ha ha ha have a good one talk at you later!!!

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