Posted by : Purple mittins Thursday, October 27, 2011

Muhahahha I didn't forget this time, actually it was done a week in advance.
But i like keeping to my schedules so i decided to release it a week later XD
anyways with out further I do's 

Chapter 126: Download Here! 

~Lila wolves

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  1. Zihtlek says:

    *bows to the evil Emperess* Please no hurt us.
    Jokes aside, yaay release (:

  2. bibby says:

    Hey Purple thanks for the chapter enjoyed it. But hey my Full House withdraws are getting pretty bad any hope of some chapters coming out soon. Hope so, waiting is hard to do HA!HA! take care talk to you soon!!

  3. Lol *pats bibby* Just wait a little longer and your withdraw will be satisfied :)
    and yes I is evil *EVIL LAUGHS*

  4. bibby says:

    I'll be waiting on pins and needles. I'm going to say it in advance THANKS FOR THE CURE!!! You are #1 in my book!!!

  5. Emarald says:

    1 week in advance?

  6. Why does everyone say that O-o this is part of volume 30 xD not 31 or 32!!!

  7. Zihtlek says:

    Maybe they're bitter that you kept it from them? :P Careful, greed breeds hatered, hatered breeds anger, and anger *coughs* leads to the dark side o.o


  9. Thank you for this chapter! =D

  10. Carola says:

    Not me ^^. I will go into the light, and I will drag you too! And Soon Bibby will have a serious withdraw sickness >:)
    PS: Im recovering pretty well from the last beating from the Queen >_<

  11. bibby says:

    Don't say that Carola I'm trying to recover as best as I can HA HA HA!!!! Purple knows I just like Full House, if it gets to bad I'll just walk toward the light to if that ok!! You have a great day!!!!

  12. Emarald says:

    Evil Queenn!!! Release FULL HOUSE alreadyyyy!!!!!

    (ahh.. ... ...
    I am just saying.. )

  13. BIBBY IF YOU SEE THIS I need your help T_T

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