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Alright *DRUM ROLL PLEASE* Now in memory of Halloween, and the fact that so many people want this series. We have fnished to completion PAL D: can you believe? two full volumes???? Lol most of you will probably think: " It's almost been six months, how can they not have given a chapter out????" Well let me remind you little chickadee's that this project has HELL PAGES. Pages that made me and carols work our butts off trying to clean it. 
Anyways this is our first finished project :D 
Exciting right!

Volume 4
Chapter 15: Download Here!
Chapter 16: Download Here!
Chapter 17: Download Here!
Chapter 18: Download Here!

Volume 5
Chapter 19: Download Here!
Chapter 20: Download Here!
Chapter 21: Download Here!

Lol and here is the stamp of completion. I'll replace it later when I have a more creative spark.

~Lila wolves

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  1. Anonymous says:

    MEEE FirstTTT!!!
    Ugly stamp, idd.

  2. Emarald says:

    3 cheers for Lila Wolve's first COMPLETE SERIESSSS!!!


  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Zihtlek says:

    Is it only me who sees those two small thingies sticking out of the circle just above the L? :D
    Regardless great job. Cheers!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much Purple Mittens! I can't wait to read all the chapters.

    However, wanted to let you know that the link for ch20 comes up as ch21.

    Hope you had a great Halloween!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you soooo much!!!
    I wanted to read the whole manga from the begining, could you please reupload chapter 9 - because instead of ch9 there is ch8.
    Once more thank you for your hard work, I really appreciate it :-)

  7. Everything should be fixed :)
    and thanks for letting us know. Tired purp is prone to mistakes sorry people *salutes*
    And bibby if you come by I need your help!

  8. mary says:

    AWSOOOME guys can't wait to read it, thaaanx for all the hard work

  9. bibby says:

    Hey Purple What can I help you with Evil Queen HA HA !!!!! never get used to calling you that. I'll be away from the computer most of the day I'll check back when I get the chance. Have a great day talk at you later!!! Carola still trying to go toward the light HA HA !!!!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I see them too, Zih. But that logo will die soon ;)

  11. Lol my beautiful logo D: why do you people hate on it T_T all my hard work T_T (took five minutes, and was very fun ;)) As for Bibby i'm looking for a woman that is a model that seems to love ryder. I think it's lolly but i'm not sure. Right now in the translations it's veronica. and since you read full house i was just wondering if that is her.

  12. Congrats to everyone at LILA WOLVES for your first finished project! Good job Purple and Carols for working so hard on this!!!

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