Posted by : Anonymous Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hello!!! I know, you may think it's already past, but here it's still VALENTINES DAY ^^.
I’m lucky to live in one of the last time zones to switch to the new day...
And, as a gift, instead of Chocolates, or Flowers or some other unworthy crap, we're bringing you this exceptional (LOL) sample of love; a corny and shojo-ish (and kinda smutty too!) manga. It's a one shot from Yoshihara Yuki-sensei that comes in a volume with 3 other one-shots. So expect releases of the rest of the one shots from this volume once a week, with the last one on White Day ^^.
If you want to thank us, name Icarusbride, that’s who bought the raws and made such a good scans for us. And personally, I'd like to thank Emi, ‘cause she endured the typesetting of such a @__@ blinding chapter, and also to Zih, who guided me through the dark pits of the renaming bulk. *hugs*
THANK YOU GUYS ^^ ~~~~~ Carols.

Make me Throb (watch that name!) download HERE

^Lils Wolves^

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  1. bibby says:

    Thanks Icarusbride,Emi,Zih and Carola hope I didn't leave anyone out if I did I'm sorry!! Loved it so sweet and funny. Thanks alot!!!!

  2. Emarald says:

    *blinded emi*

    Your welcome.

  3. shima says:

    kyaann!! thank you so much for all the hard works!!! thank you for the great valentine gift! XD

    i love yoshihara yuki-sensei's works! XD

  4. oloore says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I like Yoshihara Yuki's works, and I've been waiting for this manga for a long time. Thank you for choosing it and for all your efforts and time spent on it!

  5. Elenariel says:

    Thank you! Thank you so much! I was so missing some Yoshihara-sensei's works to have fun with!

  6. Izumi says:

    This has been in my wishlist for so long! Thank you so much for the lovely release!! Happy Single Awareness Day~

  7. Anonymous says:

    Im glad you liked this chapter ^^. Now it makes me want to type the rest!

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