Posted by : Purple mittins Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hello Hello!
Well let me tell you, I've been hard at work these past few days. 
And I can tell you that KKH Chapter 16 is getting close to being finished if there are any fans that read this.
Chapter 17 and 18 are slowly progressing
Hmmm what else? Nothing of interest I think. OR wait ONE more thing *points at the polls* 
Answer truthfully.

I would like to say a huge things to Carols for creating all these nice banners and credit pages for us. 
She really is amazing!

So here's another new series! 
A joint with the group K.i.s.s. Scans Check out their website and say thank-you to them:
If they had not brought this project forward we would not be working on it together. 
I hope that you enjoy this chapter as much as we do!

Chapter 7: Download Here!

Alright I just can't contain myself. Next chapter >>>> yeesssssssssssssssss!
I just love this series, it is full of awesomeness! And that Banner up there is also full of awesomeness!
This is a pretty good chapter. But I secretly like the next one much much more. And almost done Qcering it :D Which also means Volume 1 is coming to a close!
Chapter 4: Download Here!

Kukukuku Well i'm sorry for the long wait on this one (although it's not as long as some of the others (*coughs VLY & LFWS* Getting to those two...slowly)
So this was sorta Qcered a while ago, but I sorta forgot about it *sweats* No killing me >_<

Chapter 3: Download Here!

Happy reading.

~Lila Wolves

8 Responses so far.

  1. Draan says:

    WoW! So many yummy things to read!! XD
    Thank you very much for this release!
    Looking forward to next joint project! ^^
    OMG!! Can't wait to see KKH!!! >v<

  2. Thanks lots for working on 360 Degree Material!! ♥ I'm glad groups like LW and K.i.s.s. have kindly decided to pick up on this project. Wild*Hope disappeared without a word so it really scared me to see that one of my favourite series ends up being thrown away, but to see it back on stance, I sure am thankful. Keep up the great work LW! ♥ You guys have earned yourselves another fan xD ♥

  3. Carola says:

    T____T that mule....

  4. Rosie says:

    Thanks so much for makamisama no iutoori!!!! I love it!!!

  5. wah thank you and k.i.s.s. scans SOoOo much for the update on 360 degree material!!

  6. kleio says:

    Thank you for the release! (especially for picking up 360 Degree Material)

  7. Nileve says:

    "And I can tell you that KKH Chapter 16 is getting close to being finished if there are any fans that read this."

    Yeah, I'm here, and I'm really happy now. Thanks for the hardwork. :) I love that manga. ^^

  8. Couple days :D it's in the editing stages :D

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