Posted by : Anonymous Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A tiny present for you people! A card and a release :D
We must thank a group that lasted few time in the world of scanlations: Red Scarlet Dots (RIP). They help us get rid... *cough* release this volume of Heart no Daimond that was stored in my HD for long time... *whistles*
Special thanks for Naru, she poked me until this was ready for you people to read it. Thanks Naru!! You're a faithful slave...! ...of Purple... >_>
About this series, it's updated until its last publication in Japan. For next volumes, if Shinjo Mayu punishes us with another volume of Himeno and her stalkers, it will have to be scanlated by someone else, cause this was our last work for it. From now on, we are dedicating our time to series that we like, and this wasn't one of my favs... not even close. 

Heart no Daimond Chapter 11 : Download HERE
Heart no Daimond Chapter 12 : Download HERE
Heart no Daimond Chapter 13 : Download HERE
Heart no Daimond Chapter 14 : Download HERE

Merry Christmas!!

Now, the contest. 
It was such a failure... only two cards. Shame on you people! Lazy bums... ¬¬ 
Next time that I take time to make rules and all, and you dont take enough time to make a simple card... I will dump you pack of ... lacking dudes. So all the prizes go to Calin and Ash! Congratulations! *throws confetti* Talk to me to claim your prizes, you two.

Author: Aash

Author: Calin

Yes, Merry Christmas again. Muahahaha...
Wait... its hohoho... but that sounds kinda evil...


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  1. R3musak3 says:

    thank you very much for the release! Merry X-mas! <3

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