Posted by : Anonymous Monday, December 31, 2012

Noooope! Not yet XD. But this is the last day of year 2012. And we are still alive! (Yes ^^ the world didn’t end on 22!) 
But as the last day, and Monday, we wanted to start again, with an old but very dear series: 

Umi no Kishidan.

We are RE-releasing first chapter, in the best quality we can achieve. And we are releasing a new chapter every Monday, IF we can get a translator to continue on coming chapters, that aren’t all finished.

About us we, the ones that are working on this series: if you check on the pages of this chapter, you’ll see its credits go to Zica Team. Zica is part of Lila Wolves but this team will ONLY focus on UnK and nothing else. The reason for the split up from Lila wolves is to make a strong team for more regular releases. The goal of ZiCa is to focus on one project, releasing in the best quality and on a regular day.
For this chapter the Team was formed by Zilvere and Carolazzz, so that’s where the name was taken. It happened to mean bad luck in some language, or some kind of jinx.

Umi no Kishidan Chapter 1 : Download here


read in HERE!!! :D

ZiCa team, may the badluck bring you luck ! 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy new year everyone! I wish health and happiness for 2013!
    Also, thank you so much ZiCa team!!! I really liked the 1st chapter of Umi no Kishidan back then and i was thinking of it some time ago! Thank you~!

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