Posted by : Purple mittins Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So playing off my other message, I have decided on some series that I have absolutely no love for and considering no one works on them but me. It makes everything all the more easier.  
Alright so for my small clean up I would like to give away a few series: (if someone will take them *prays*)
Makamisama no Iutoori
MVP wa Yuzurenai
Private actress
Now for all three series I have substantial work on them. 
So some of them it's just a matter of editing them and viola. Well massive Qcering.
So shoot me an email if your interested in working on them. (
If no one takes them I might do them in the future, but there is no guarantee's. 
It will be after I finish FH2 and DQ but no sooner than that.
(and I'll be working ongoing on storm and kkh 
(and yes I have the raws for kkh please be patient)

Couple things Kimi ja Nakya Dame Nanda will be moving to the group Key Driven.

As for randomness, I recently came across a group that does Anime AMV's 
I've got to say they do fabulous stuff, (although sometimes I don't really dig the music but hey, they play to a wide variety)
That is currently my favorite song from them. Check them out!

As for the release here's one FH2 chapter:
Huge thanks goes out to Skeleton Bunny, Titinana, Hollyblue, and eb.  
Chapter 4: Download Here!

Peace out!

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  1. Lucia M says:

    I'm interested in taking Private Actress. Please contact me at

  2. zaira says:

    Thank you so much for the new chapter! :)

  3. Kuro Kun says:

    Makamisama no Iutoori was a really good manga.
    If you need help with it, I'll be glad to be of service. But I can only edit, typeset, proof-read and quality check ; ;

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