Posted by : Carola Monday, January 7, 2013

Its Monday again, you know what that means: a new scene from UnK.
Yes we are still going fast! Team ZiCa works hard to give you 47 awesome pages!

Umi no Kishidan Chapter 2 


So what is it about this week?
Well it looks like Aciel is growing closer and closer to Lucas (who would not! A sexy, smart and kind doctor). But there are more knights who have interest to become more than just friends! Or maybe that’s just an evil plot of her ‘dear’ mother?! Ooh and a nothing-to-lose-pirate!

Did I trigger your interest? Well almost there first some announcements.

-          We NEED a translator, mostly to second check if we did give everyone the correct name (aah names are so lovely!) but we have a chapter that’s not yet translated! Delays are unacceptable of course but without translation we can’t go on… So we need your help even if you only have an hour a day!

-          Names yes names, we have a name change coming up, Captain Wong will be called Captain Juan and Augustan will be called Augustine now, sorry for the confusion but if there is something incorrect we have to correct it !

-          All wish Carolazzz (Natrive) a happy birthday, she earns it. (For everyone who don’t know who that is, it’s there person who poked me for a year about UNK so if she was not here UNK would not have been released you better go thank her!)

-          As always, if you wish to help (but don’t know how?) come to and come to the chat (right side of the webpage or ) and ask for zilvere or carolazzz and/or leave some contact information or send an email! We can help you find something you like and if needed train you!

Some of you must been thinking now: is this post is different than normal? Yep it is, my first post and I hope to be able to give you many more in the (near) future!


Ps, I love to listen to music so I give you some pieces to listen to after UnK?

Love is all I got – Feed me & Crystal Fighters
Six degrees of separation – The Script
Year of Summer – Wildstylez

2 Responses so far.

  1. Carola says:

    Great pieces of music Zilvere ^^
    Thanks for everything!!

  2. Happy Birthday Carols!
    Awesome first post Zil!

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