Posted by : Purple mittins Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!
Since it's a new year, we also wanted to have a new template.
 *sales girl* Isn't it just beautiful? *shining smile*
There are two people that we have to thank for this beautiful layout. 
Carolazzz, and Zihtlek.
These two worked on this layout for a long time for your enjoyment. 
I personally would like to say: You guys did a wonderful job.

I would also like to introduce to you a new series:

Storm Flower - Song of the Clouds

Wow I've gotta say that I've had it for a very long time. 
This series has been on my wanting list for over a year and a half. 
When I found it I fell immediately in love with it, it was my second love. (My first one was kkh). 
But the problem was finding a translator for it. Every time a Japanese translator came by I would always have hopeful eyes about them maybe translating it.  
It took me a while to convince one of my friends to translate one part, just to get it going.
 She fell in love with it. *smirks* 

So there are a couple people that I would like to thank, that brought this series to what it is today. 
Riin that made my day when she would give me a translated chapter. 
Billygodzilly and Chibs, for their awesome proofreading. 
Mofo, for her wonderful cleaning. Check out those color pages. Amazing Right?
Eb and carolazz for their typesetting. placed every sfx to perfection. (at least in my opinion)
and to hero that helped me change all the sharps to smooth. 
You guys are all wonderful!

It gives me great pleasure to give you the first volume for this series!

Volume 1: Download Here!

~ Lila Wolves ~

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  1. wow! the cover is promising, and 1 volume!
    Thank you so much for your hardwork, may this year be a happy year for your wolf pack!

  2. Loving it so far! ...but pgs 82 & 83 are the same page, just with slightly different text.

    Thanks for working on this new manga!

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