Posted by : Purple mittins Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Exam bells are ringing! It's finally over!!!!! Although if you think about it, another group is starting their exam period, such as the international baccalaureate  and then after that it will be normal high school students. Exams never end!!! I wonder if there is a month were there is no exams in the entire world... 
Anyways some news, people that want kkh will need to wait a little longer, I'm currently on a quest to finding a new translator. If you know anyone that would be interested. please let me know!

Enjoy the Chapter!

Chapter 07: Download Here!
Chapter 08: Download Here!

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  1. bibby says:

    Thanks for the chapters purple I love this story both one and two. Still think Ellie is not treating Ryder right first damon now the prince she the one playing. I will give her a break on the prince she lost her memory. The prince is a different story how come he not trying to find out who she is I mean she famous it can't be that hard he just don't want to. I could go on and on but I want THANKS AGAIN!!!!!

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