Posted by : Purple mittins Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sorry guys, No there is no multilingual release.
But I am curious, does anyone want to learn another language?
I have! I thought about buying Rosetta stone since that's where I started learning french, and I must say that it is a pretty good tool to help you where you want to go, the only hitch about this program is that it's really expensive. (400 dollars worth, yes I fainted just looking at that.) But guess what! Do not fear because I have a new alternative for people that want to learn another language for free. ( I bet they will expand to other languages in due time maybe even Japanese, you never know!) 
Here be the genius website.
So you have English to Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Italian.
and then you have it in the reverse: Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian to English.
I must say that I've been learning Spanish from this website and it has been wonderful. 
Special thank to Chibs for showing me this website.  

Also AHHHHH the latest chapter of KKH looks good!!!!!!!

On wards to the release: 

Mr. Chiomi, was oh so fine in this chapter. Holler!
Wow makes me laugh thinking of me saying that in real life. xD
I must say that I really enjoyed this chapter. Especially the end. That reminds me
we are almost done this series!

Chapter 30: Download Here!

~ Lila Wolves ~

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  1. taninha9 says:

    Thanks for the release!
    Chiomi was like a knight in charming armour!

  2. elyse says:

    Thank you very much for the release!
    I love PA so much and hope to read it till finish <3

  3. Celestine says:

    Thanks for PA, love this manga. The acting roles she plays always so interesting.

  4. Cam says:

    Love this series and I'm so glad you're completing the series. Thanks for the hardwork!!!

  5. Thanks for the series ... I realy liked!

    Ps: The translation in Portuguese is not correct, because there's words are not the same, or simple not apply in our vocabulary! For better understanding in portuguese the translations would be private = particular not privado (means other thing) .... so Private Actress = Atriz particular
    I hope i've helped somehow!

  6. Hi, are you gonna do volume 9? because you said the group you were gonna do a joint was going to do it but it's no longer a joint, so i was wondering if you guys are gonna do it. Thanks

  7. I'm not sure, I'm looking for a Japanese name translator for that one. We will see. As for cristsunade, thanks for letting me know! I changed it! xD and this is why we shouldn't use google translate hahaha.

  8. JJ says:

    What's the situation with chapter 31? It's classified as completed but the download link isn't there because it hasn't been released yet.

  9. what about [ P.A.: Tokubetsuhen ] are you going to translate it?

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